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The Brides and Grooms of Gaia Co-Creating a High-Frequency Experience

There are millions of people on the planet who feel a very close connection and empathy with Gaia. Unlike recent times when life was a struggle and nature was to be exploited, these individuals have a strong desire to function in concert, alignment, and in harmony with Gaia.We describe them as Brides and Grooms of Gaia (BnGs in short). And if you’re reading these words, it is very likely that you are one too.

The BnGs are committed to co-creating a High Frequency paradigm experience in Union with our planet. A group of us got together to outline the parameters of this co-creation. We compiled a set of agreements in a document called the Gaia Contract. The contract is a union solely between each individual who chooses to sign it and Gaia. Signing it is a powerful physical expression of each individual’s intent to join forces with Gaia to co-create and bring into physicality the High Frequency paradigm experience. It is based on the principle of “My strength is your strength and your strength is my strength!” The agreement is entered into out of choice and each individual’s free will. The contract will influence and empower all High Frequency creations of the individual, and it will not support any low frequency engagements.

You are invited to open the Gaia Contract and make it part of your new High Frequency reality: Contract with Gaia

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